Decentralized Crypto Platform

BWS is a Bitcoin-based community-centric crypto currency with a focus on decentralization, privacy and real world use.

About BWS

BWS is a community-based project, aiming to address the inherent problems plaguing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Understanding the importance of anonymity as well as usability, BWS provides a 8MB block size that results in close to instantaneous transaction times.

Lightning Fast

Instantaneous transactions thanks to 8 MB block size 60 sec block time and our Instant feature

Privacy Features

Aiming to build a widely used anonymous and encrypted communication and file transfer platform

Community Centric

BWS’s purpose and focus has been and always will be centered on the community and its’ collective voice


  1. Exchange listings

    BWS will get listed on bigger exchanges with more liquidity

  2. Woo-commerce Plugin

    Launch of woo-commerce plugin for BWS payments will enable more stores to accept payments with BWS.

  3. Wallet Upgrade

    A new wallet will be released with an improved GUI and enhanced security features

  4. Android & IOS wallets

    Android & IOS wallets BWS wallet apps for play/app store which are fully secure and have great UI will be released

  5. Social Betting Beta-launch

    Pre-release of BWS social betting platform

  6. Betting Platform

    Final release of social betting platform

  7. BWS Exchange

    Launch of BWS exchange.


These are incentivized nodes that receive rewards based on their availability and their ability to offer network services in a decentralized and trust-less manner. Running a masternode requires 50,000 BWS collateral for as long as you choose to run the masternode and allows the owner to vote on budget and development proposals. These nodes are the backbone of the present and future services offer on the BWS network. and as such are rewarded at a slightly higher level as compared to just staking when the number of them is at a predetermined level. Open Masternode Governance Voting system will be updated to allow the community to vote and propose on major decisions as the project evolves and progresses

Zero Coin Protocol

Zerocoin which has been implemented by BWS, is a protocol that does what Bitcoin can not. Zerocoin provides full privacy to the users of BWS. The BWS implementation of the Zerocoin protocol converts publicly view-able BWS into anonymous BWS (dubbed by the BWS team as Zerocoin BWS or zBWS for short). When a user wishes to spend (that is send from a to b) zBWS, the zBWS appear in the receivers wallet as regular BWS without history of where that BWS originated from.

Transaction Privacy

Most common crypto currencies such as Bitcoin has a well known public ledger system where all transactions are visible and traceable through its block explorer. This results in anyone and everyone having the ability to see all associated transactions and balances but more importantly its associated addresses as well. This means that the history of its previous address owner is now visible through your own address once the coins have traversed through the blockchain and end up in your own wallet address.


BWS has real community and is managed by real people


Project Manager

Bilal is a core team member of BWS. He goes about with a pseudonym of maverick.



Lead Developer

Nathan is the lead developer of the BWS Project. He’s been involved in crypto, since early 2013. his other passion

Chris Le

Chris Le

Project Developer

Chris is an integral part of BWS community and heads project development.



Manager Marketing

Kevin is Marketing Manager of BWS project. He is a crypto enthusiast with a great skill set of building relationships.



Social Media Moderator

Lorenzo is working with BWS project as social media moderator.



Senior Developer

Alex is a senior software developer and has extensive experience of database programming, API integration, and building payments gateways.

Julie Le

Julie Le

Assistant Project Developer

Julie is assistant project developer and works on active development of BWS services.



Social Media Assistant

Emmie is an essential part of BWS and she helps with marketing the project and spread awareness across various social



Community Coordinator

Sumit has a rich experience of marketing and has been a crypt enthusiast since long. He helps the project as

stay in touch

You can always reach out to us through following community channels.


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